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Guide FAQ Version 11.4


ToonHUD 11.4 (12/28/2022)

  • MvM: Added CurrencyStatusPanel back, that went missing after a recent TF2 update
  • Fixed War Painted items showing black bars in loadout's item selection page on some screen resolutions

ToonHUD 11.3 (10/30/2021)

  • Team colored item meters - Reverted change made in the previous update - Now uses black text labels
  • Centered item meters - changed text label color to black
  • Player Destruction HUD for Farmageddon map - thanks Aar!

ToonHUD 11.2 (03/13/2021)

  • Team colored item meters have now a section reserved for the text label
  • KOTH: Fixed misaligned Overtime label
  • Removed the gap between class model and health numbers when "Class model next to health" is enabled with no health bar
  • Arena: made the player count panel smaller

ToonHUD 11.1 (10/20/2018)

  • Main menu: Fixed wrong logo showing during Scream Fortress X event
  • Main menu: Party chat now uses the same font as in-game chat (which can be changed in the editor)
  • Main menu: On start, Items button is now preselected instead of Shop button
  • Fixed player destruction HUD not showing amount of collected bottles/souls/gibs
  • Fixed ubercharge value not using custom ammo font size
  • Increased rank medal size in scoreboard and in winpanel

ToonHUD 11 (03/31/2018)

  • Compatibility with the latest TF2 update
  • New main menu design
  • Smaller tabs in Items menu (Loadout/Stats)
  • Added "Show stock weapons" checkbox to backpack page (next to "Sort backpack" dropdown)


  • Bookmarks are back!
  • Main menu related colors and font sizes updated.
  • Added 3 downloadable main menu wallpapers to the site.

ToonHUD 10.4 (02/15/2018)

ToonHUD 10.4

  • Jungle Inferno materials removed
  • 3 crosshairs added: parenthesis with and without shadow and a dot with shadow (seeker's crosshair)
  • Updated closed captions

ToonHUD 10.3 (12/23/2017)

  • Main menu: Smissmas background and logo
  • Backpack: Decreased page number buttons shown per row to 20 (from 25)
  • Closed captions updated

ToonHUD 10.2 (11/18/2017)

  • Fixed New! label in backpack page buttons
  • Added Jungle Inferno background back to main menu
  • Replaced contract folder icon with a ConTracker icon in main menu
  • Fixed typo that broke closed captions


  • Added ability to remove friends list from main menu
  • Added ability to change background color of building statuses

ToonHUD 10.1 (10/28/2017)

  • Fixed Phlogistinator meter
  • Added Scream Fortress 2017 stuff to main menu
  • Moved medal model slightly upwards in main menu
  • Bigger item inspection panel
  • Backpack: Increased page number buttons shown per row to 25 (from 20)

ToonHUD 10 (10/22/2017)

  • Jungle Inferno changes
    • Menu changes
    • Meters for The Thermal Thruster
    • Organ counter for Vita-Saw
    • Other backend stuff
  • Added fix for lingering HUD animations on death (props to mastercoms)
  • Closed Captions updated


  • Minimal Main Menu option removed
  • Bookmarks disabled - they will be back after I've redesigned the main menu

ToonHUD 9 (03/15/2017)

  • Original looking main menu is back
  • Set TF2 fonts as default for OSX and Linux
  • Removed "map: cp_bridge" label from spectate screen
  • Fixed item inspect panel showing "Unknown" label in MvM (reported by JustCallMeAlec)


  • Added minimal main menu as an option
  • Added ability to change font size for main menu buttons
  • Main menu buttons now supports transparency
  • Added ability to toggle gradient on/off for main menu buttons
  • Added ability to change fonts for health and ammo (in clip) separately
  • Added ability to remove rounded corners from regular menu buttons

ToonHUD 8.5 (12/22/2016)

  • Compatibility with the latest TF2 update:
    • Ping Settings added to Casual and Competitive matchmaking

Merry Smissmas!

ToonHUD 8.4 (10/22/2016)

  • Scream Fortress VIII update
  • Added "Load Saved Settings" and "Save Current Settings" buttons to the Casual mode Map Selection menu
  • Fixed hitmarker animations stacking and possibly causing frame drops

ToonHUD 8.3 (09/29/2016)

  • Fixed for the latest TF2 update: Casual Rematch
  • Fixed class model overlapping with player list thus preventing player selection in scoreboard when mouse mode was on

ToonHUD 8.2 (08/13/2016)

  • Added more width for the respawn timer label
  • Round timer is now as big in centered mode as it is in default mode (outside casual and matchmaking)
  • Texts in main menu buttons are now all caps regardless of the font you use
  • Top left chat override: Fixed chat changing position after a match
  • Moved ToonHUD's animations to a new file (toonhudanimations.txt), added hudanimations_manifest.txt and removed hudanimations_tf.txt

ToonHUD 8.1 (07/15/2016)

  • Map selection added to Casual Mode

ToonHUD 8 (07/14/2016)

  • New main menu
    • Create server button added
    • Notice: you have to set colors for the main menu buttons again!
  • Fixed not being able to change fonts on Mac and Linux
  • Menu fixes (casual/competitive/mvm/shop)
  • Repositioned respawn timer
  • Added backgrounds for items in crafting panel
  • Round timer: Fixed background position of setup label
  • Increased the size of medals in scoreboard


  • "Remove gradients" override added
  • Removed main menu options
    • Button border colors
    • Shader color
    • Show featured items
    • Remove stream list

ToonHUD 7.8 (07/08/2016)

  • The Meet Your Match Update
    • HUD should be usable now
    • Only tested in casual game
    • Visual fixes (new main menu etc) coming later
  • Fixed disable_transparency config not removing motion blur

ToonHUD 7.7 (05/29/2016)

  • Fixed voice status not showing if player is dead or not
  • Added Mayflower items to the featured items scroller in main menu
  • ToonHUD button in main menu now plays a random voiceline from the game. Voiceline is changed in every update.

ToonHUD 7.6 (05/01/2016)

  • Divided clientscheme.res file into 3 files: clientscheme_borders.res, clientscheme_colors.res, clientscheme_fonts.res
  • Voice status now shows if the speaker is on your friend list
  • Main menu changes:
    • New stream list
    • Added Play Competitive button to menu. This is visible to everyone! You can't play without the beta pass though.
    • Store button is now a sub button in Items button
    • New notifications panel
    • Added ToonHUD buttons to footer
  • Competitive fixes:
    • Fixed chat window changing position
    • Fixed borders of round timer
    • Fixed stopwatch position
    • Added some height to search panel
  • Editor:
    • Remove stream list option added to main menu section
    • Added ability to change main menu shader color
    • Added 4 crosshairs

ToonHUD 7.5 (04/26/2016)

  • Fixed winpanel
  • Some matchmaking fixes

Just a quick fix for the winpanel. Matchmaking hud still needs some work.

ToonHUD 7.4 (03/25/2016)

  • Stream list added to main menu
  • Moved MvM round countdown back to where it was before
  • Added some matchmaking animations
  • 6 new crosshairs/hitmarkers

ToonHUD 7.3 (03/19/2016)

  • Compatibility with the latest TF2 patch: Crash fix + round timers

ToonHUD 7.2 (03/12/2016)

  • Compatibility with the latest TF2 patch
  • Matchmaking HUD fixes
  • Report Player button added to main menu

ToonHUD 7.1 (03/05/2016)

  • Competitive stuff
  • 2 new X shaped crosshairs
  • Some color fixes (progress bar, MvM lobby, stats, server highlight color)
  • Changed one TF2 Secondary font back to TF2 Build
  • Added target avatar image to vote panel

Competitive stuff isn't fully finished yet, but it shouldn't crash the game anymore.

ToonHUD 7 (02/21/2016)

  • Color changes
  • "Shine" replaced with smooth gradients
  • New loading screens
  • New backpack style (finally fixed overflowing descriptions)
  • New crosshairs - Now uses material files instead of fonts
  • Demoman's big charge meter is now default
  • Added 2 more bookmarks to main menu
  • Cleaner chat
  • Removed team names from MvM scoreboard

New overrides:

  • Team-colored and centered item meters
  • Big class model
  • Show last damage done over ammo
  • Show green highlights in scoreboard
  • Use high quality images in loadout
  • Use high quality images in backpack
  • Ability to replace all TF2 fonts
  • Custom font for target health
  • Custom font for chat
  • Toggle featured items in main menu

Removed overrides:

  • Button effect in class selection

ToonHUD 6.91 (12/23/2015)

  • PASS Time: New goal icons and score message

ToonHUD 6.9 (12/19/2015)

The Tough Break Update

  • Contracts fixed
  • Scoreboard updated
  • Mannpower: Timer and icon added for "poisonous" flag
  • Item description fixed in loadout panel
  • Store image fixed

ToonHUD 6.84 (11/26/2015)

  • Updated PASS Time HUD
  • Mannpower: Added hook bleed status image
  • Added Steam controller stuff

ToonHUD 6.83 (11/14/2015)

  • Removed Invasion and Halloween backgrounds + halloween ad from main menu
  • Moved Wheel of Doom icon so it doesn't overlap with spells on koth_moonshine_event

ToonHUD 6.82 (11/01/2015)

  • Mannpower: Meter for Supernova powerup

ToonHUD 6.81 (10/30/2015)

  • Fixed Prototype font breaking the HUD

ToonHUD 6.8 (10/29/2015)

Halloween update!

  • Halloween stuff
  • Added new Mannpower powerup icons
  • Fixed item pickup panel stacking item models

ToonHUD 6.76 (10/17/2015)

  • Fixed the countdown timer not always drawing on pd_watergate

ToonHUD 6.75 (10/15/2015)

  • Added team leader's star icon to Player Destruction HUD
  • Changed progress bar color from bright to dark in Player Destruction HUD
  • Removed Invasion ad from main menu

ToonHUD 6.74 (10/10/2015)

  • Fixed red team's score changing x-position in Player Destruction HUD

ToonHUD 6.73 (10/08/2015)

  • Added Invasion background and item scroller to main menu
  • Edited Player Destruction HUD

ToonHUD 6.72 (10/02/2015)

  • Removed Gun Mettle background from main menu
  • Changed background color and added name label to the weapon inspection panel in backpack

ToonHUD 6.71 (09/13/2015)

  • Fixed PASS Time crashing

ToonHUD 6.7 (09/12/2015)

  • Fixed mp_tournament_readymode 1
  • Fixed player info stacking while dead in MvM
  • Loadout now uses high quality item images
  • Thinner and more accurate damage direction indicator

ToonHUD 6.67 (08/28/2015)

Fixes for the newest TF2 update

  • Fixed PASS Time crashing
  • Fixed Trade-Up HUD
  • Added panel to show owner of a picked-up weapon

Seems like Valve hard coded some colors. Names in target id are light brown. :(

ToonHUD 6.66 (08/22/2015)

  • PASS Time HUD
  • Changed highlight color in simplified server list

ToonHUD 6.65 (07/25/2015)

  • Tournament spectator: Moved player info to left side of the screen
  • Mann Co. Catalog: Removed item images from the info panel (didn't work with weapon skins)

Valve fixed the tournament spectator problem. I still decided to leave player names out of it. I'll add the names as an override to the new editor I'm working on.

ToonHUD 6.64 (07/13/2015)

  • Added item quality border for Mercenary grade items
  • Green text on scoreboard is now white
  • Edited tournament spectator
  • Inspected weapons in backpack now rotates slowly
  • Removed The Gun Mettle ad from main menu

Valve hard coded the position of team info in tournament spectator screen. It's hard to position them nicely now. I removed player names to make it look cleaner. Let's hope Valve does something about this.

ToonHUD 6.63 (07/06/2015)

  • Added background to dialog popups
  • Fixed NEW! label in backpack's page buttons
  • Made loadout slots thinner for 4:3 aspect ratio

ToonHUD 6.61 (07/05/2015)

  • Fixed scoreboard not showing ping on low resolutions
  • Added background colors to loadout slots and item slots in item selection
  • Added cancel label to taunt menu
  • Adjusted weapon pickup notification in target id
  • Fixed alert button overlapping MOTD button in main menu

ToonHUD 6.62 (07/05/2015)

  • Fixed item borders for the new weapons
  • Edited the item inspection panel in backpack
  • Fixed new weapons being huge in loadout slots
  • Slight changes to alert icon color in main menu

ToonHUD 6.6 (07/04/2015)

  • The Gun Mettle Update
  • - Main menu, scoreboards, winpanels, item inspect panels etc.
  • Switched back to old Spy-cicle meter

The HUD should be usable now. It was a big update and there's still some things to fix.

ToonHUD 6.52 (05/25/2015)

  • Redesigned Robot Destruction HUD again :D

ToonHUD 6.5 (05/24/2015)

  • Updated and redesigned Robot Destruction HUD
  • Added fire resist indicator to Spy-cicle's meter
  • Fixed 'Hide class model' override to hide the image version too
  • Removed blinking box from the top left corner that was visible for some users when on low ammo
  • Removed taunt hint label from loadout panel

ToonHUD 6.4 (04/06/2015)

  • Fixed greyed out box in MvM lobby panel
  • Added some height to menu footers (removes transparent line you can see with some resolutions)

ToonHUD Updater 4.3

  • Added transparent viewmodels override
  • Added ability to change hitmarker fadeout time

Transparent viewmodels only works with DirectX 9. To enable transparent viewmodels, select the override in the updater. Then open TF2 and type "exec enable_transparency" to console. This changes some graphic settings that makes the transparent viewmodels work correctly. To change the settings back to defaults, type "exec disable_transparency".

More info about the transparent viewmodels here. Credits to JarateKing and komorebi.

For me the transparent viewmodels makes the game a bit blurry and it adds a weird blue layer to payload cart. But try it out if you are interested. :)

ToonHUD 6.3 (03/23/2015)

  • New MvM Upgrade Station panel
  • Added Knockout powerup icon

ToonHUD 6.2 (03/09/2015)

  • Fixed a missing material
  • Loadout slots have now mouseover effect - they can't be translucent anymore though
  • Changed background color of the item description popup
  • Changed Sourcescheme text color to light brown

ToonHUD Updater 4.2

  • Added colors: Item description bg, Sourcescheme text colors
  • Removed loadout slot opacity field

ToonHUD 6.1 (03/08/2015)

  • Changed some white text back to light brown
  • Added background color for loadout slots
  • Changed Source scheme background color (console, server list, options etc.)
  • Topbar on spectate uses now the footer color
  • Fixed height of the player count panel in arena mode

ToonHUD Updater 4.1

  • Added colors: menu text color and Source scheme bg color

ToonHUD 6 (03/07/2015)

  • Some default colors changed - less brown, more black
  • Replaced default hitmarker (cart point icon) with a simplier team colored circle
  • Removed team indicator from the bottom left corner (it's now optional)
  • Killfeed now shows 5 death notices instead of 4 + size and color changes
  • Bigger area for the model in loadout menu + background color of the loadout slots removed
  • Fixed voice bubble icon position on default mode

ToonHUD Updater 4.0

  • More color options: menu bg, footer bg, button colors, backpack & loadout slot bg
  • Remove tab: added "Scoreboard", removed "Custom materials"
  • Team indicator: none/small/normal

ToonHUD 5.5 (02/15/2015)

  • Added custom build and disguise menus for Xbox controller users.
  • Added top border for round timers
  • Fixed "Class model next to health" override for 4:3 aspect ratio

ToonHUD 5.41 (01/07/2015)

  • Removed EOTL duck stuff from main menu

The Ducks have (re)moved, mortals!

ToonHUD 5.4 (01/03/2015)

  • Mac & Linux support
  • Renamed ToonHUD folder to toonhud (so it works on Linux)
  • New quickplay and training panels in main menu
  • New smaller in-game popup notifications (trade requests etc)
  • Changed the team indicator on 3d class model.

ToonHUD Updater 3.9

  • Colors tab: Added ability to change item quality colors
  • Remove tab: Added possibility to remove new notification popup and main menu's quickplay and training panels

ToonHUD should now work on Mac and Linux. Only with TF2 fonts and crosshairs do not work though.

Special thanks to roblan11 (testing hud on Mac) and Anon (testing hud on Linux)

ToonHUD 5.3 (12/23/2014)

  • Added Mannpower powerup icons over the health bar
  • Some changes to the backpack panel

Merry Smissmas!

ToonHUD 5.2 (12/10/2014)

  • Added EOTL stuff to main menu
  • New backpack layout
  • Edit loadout by pressing E key in class selection

ToonHUD 5.1 (12/02/2014)

ToonHUD has a new domain, Because of that, you need to update ToonHUD Updater. Please download ToonHUD Updater again from Old updater stops working on December 13th.

  • New "You have pending alerts" notification
  • Go to previous page by pressing Q key in item menus
  • Fixed killer info panel changing position in freezecam screenshots
  • Small changes to vote panel
  • Fixed big power meter overlapping stickybomb counter when big demoman charge meter was enabled
  • Fixed MvM boss icon cutting off
  • Moved metal account left side of the metal counter in default mode

ToonHUD Updater 3.8

  • Updated urls to new domain
  • Added ability to change Main menu button colors and background overlay color
  • Added ability to change the position of killfeed

ToonHUD 4.9 (10/31/2014)

  • New target ID panel
  • Edited the bumper car HUD
  • Added Halloween 2013 and 2014 background images to the main menu
  • Select a random class with "R" key in class selection

ToonHUD 5 (10/31/2014)

  • Switched back to old target IDs

You can disable floating health bars from TF2's advanced options (TargetID - disable floating healthbar)

ToonHUD 4.8 (10/26/2014)

  • NEW! labels now works on items too in backpack
  • Added support for tf_hud_showservertimelimit 1
  • Centered respawn timer in MvM

ToonHUD Updater 3.6

  • Added killfeed editor
  • Removed Smaller killfeed override
  • Added font preview images
  • Added "Open custom folder" button to Settings tab
  • Removed "backpack pages per line" selector
  • Changed crosshair character textboxes to drop down lists

ToonHUD 4.7 (09/26/2014)

  • Added a NEW! label to new items in your backpack until you mouse over them
  • Fixed colorization of item level description line for Limited items
  • Added labels to loadout that shows how to zoom, move, rotate and change lighting of the model
  • Backpack pages selector in the updater doesn't work anymore (I remove it later)
  • Fixed "Hide health cross" not working in centered mode

I couldn't test the NEW! label thing, but let's hope it works. :D

ToonHUD 4.6 (08/20/2014)

  • Fixed map voting panel
  • Fixed concise disguise menu

ToonHUD Updater 3.6

  • Fixed crosshair and hitmarker colors and opacities not saving

ToonHUD 4.5 (08/19/2014)

  • Closed captions added
  • Smaller item meters
  • Centered metal override
  • Fixed Huntsman showing 2 power meters with big power meter enabled
  • Edited default mode's disguise, teleport, build and destroy menus
  • Removed title icons from disguise, teleport, taunt, build and destroy menus and titles are now centered
  • Fixed item inspect panel cutting off
  • New vote panel
  • Changed Eyelander's and Air Strike's kills icon to a skull
  • Mac support? Not tested!

ToonHUD Updater 3.5

  • Added possibility to add bookmarks (console command buttons) to the main menu
  • Added possibility to remove character image from main menu
  • Colors: centered ubercharge meter bg, centered metal bg, custom target id bg
  • Added text fields to font selectors so you can write fonts that are missing from the font list
  • Added possibility to change font of closed captions and crit damage made
  • Added button for Money Scout override
  • Added to Remove tab: Closed captions and Vote panel
  • Added Reset button

ToonHUD 4.55 (08/19/2014)

  • Fixed Pip-Boy menus

ToonHUD 4.45 (07/31/2014)

  • Fixed Robot Destruction HUD
  • Fixed spells not showing correctly in centered mode

ToonHUD 4.4 (07/26/2014)

  • Fixed Robot Destruction HUD
  • Fixed MvM player statuses for 4:3 and 16:10 aspect ratios
  • New store design
  • Some little changes and position fixes in MvM
  • Money Scout override added (centered in-world currency in MvM) (not in the updater yet)

ToonHUD 4.3 (07/21/2014)

  • Added Robot Destruction support
  • "Auto scrambling teams" message is now smaller
  • "Teams have been autobalanced" message is now in the middle of the screen
  • Player statuses in MvM spectate do not overlap anymore
  • Added Damage and Support counters to scoreboard
  • Moved "On the bright side..." message higher
  • Fixed the icon of teleport menu
  • "Remove shine" override works now with the CTF panel

ToonHUD 4.2 (06/19/2014)

  • Added taunt menu
  • Added item/taunt switch to loadout panel
  • Added parachute icon (appears next to health)
  • Changed size and position of icons in build/destroy/disguise menus

ToonHUD 4.1 (06/18/2014)

  • Added Eureka Effect menu
  • New tournament spectate and tournament setup panel
  • Edited MvM server change message
  • New smaller Wave complete and Wave failed panels in MvM
  • Moved MvM credits to more center in centered mode
  • Fixed player boxes in MvM
  • Moved wave status a bit higher in MvM
  • Fixed scoreboard not showing map name and removed game type label
  • Added the new spy icon to the disguise menu
  • Increased the width of the ubercharge label
  • Added override Last damage done over the ammo (not in the updater yet)
  • Fixed arena control point countdown position in centered mode

ToonHUD 4 (06/09/2014)

  • New in-game HUD
  • Lots of changes which I'm not going to list :D
  • Some new main menu icons (thanks to Scruffy again!)
  • New control point icons
  • Custom crosshairs and hitmarkers
  • Added team color changing in loadout menu
  • New SourceScheme (server list, console etc.)

New overrides:

  • Three new fonts: Gobold, Montserrat and Hemi Head
  • On the bright side message
  • Last damage done over the health
  • Custom target id and health bars
  • Chat on the top left corner
  • New overheal crosses
  • Square health bar
  • Demoman: Big charge and stickybomb power meter
  • Demoman: Custom stickybomb counter
  • Medic: Centered ubercharge meter
  • Scout: Mad Milk meter
  • Sniper: Big Huntsman power meter

ToonHUD Updater 3

Added possibility to...

  • Change more colors and opacities
  • Change how much the health cross grows, change when it appears and hide it
  • Remove some parts of the HUD
  • Change crosshairs and hitmarkers with ease
  • Change damage account font

ToonHUD 3.6 (04/06/2014)

  • Added page number buttons to backpack
  • Added possibility to zoom, pan and change lighting on loadout screen
  • Removed [unknown] label from item inspect panel in tournament spectate
  • Fixed Spy's concise disguise menu (in centered mode)
  • Added replay messages

ToonHUD 3.5 (02/09/2014)

  • Changed low health / overheal health cross to default image version that changes its size
  • Added more transparency to the white part of ToonHUD's sharp borders.
  • Added radio buttons to the Quickplay options menu
  • Fixed Backpack not showing loading circles.
  • Fixed Crafting Panel
  • Added "Disallow items with special qualities" checkbox to Crafting Panel

ToonHUD 3.4 (02/08/2014)

  • TF2 update fixes (02/07/2014)
  • Changed low health / overheal health cross to a simple rectangle
  • Added killstreak icon to Target ID
  • CTF Compasses are now smaller in Default mode
  • Fixed CTF Panel for 4:3/16:10 aspect ratios (Default mode)
  • Fixed health bar in Revive Panel
  • Deleted some unnecessary files

ToonHUD 3.3 (01/25/2014)

  • Added "Official servers only" checkbox to Quickplay panel
  • Added search field to the weapon selection
  • MvM Mission Complete Panel works now
  • Target's health value doesn't show values like "2..." anymore
  • Fixed the position of 2013 Halloween spells

ToonHUD 3.2 (01/10/2014)

  • Added the ability to change an item's style in the class loadout menu
  • Added quality color for Collector's items
  • Menus for Mac override should work now
  • Removed blinking animation from health cross when low health
  • MVM Mission Complete screen should work now (not tested)
  • Changed position of Wheel of Doom icon

ToonHUD 3.1 (01/04/2014)

  • Player models are now sideways in centered hud
  • Spy's disguise status is now under the health in centered hud
  • Removed map label from spectator screen in centered hud
  • MVM: "F4 = Toggle Ready" message is now wider
  • MVM: Centered countdown timer better
  • MVM: Refund progress in Scoreboard is now wider
  • MVM: Moved currency panels to bottom of the screen in centered mode
  • Server time left and map label are now wider in Scoreboard
  • You can now see ping in Scoreboard with lower resolutions too
  • Removed "Not Enough Metal" text from Engineer's build menu
  • Added animations back to health cross and ammo
  • Fixed Spy's disguise health not always showing correctly

ToonHUD 3 (12/31/2013)

  • Minimal HUD is now a centered HUD
  • ToonHUD has only one version now that's customizable with overrides
  • Removed all files that I had not edited
  • Removed blinking animations from low/overheal health cross and ammo. Maybe they don't get stuck so often now
  • New font option: Prototype
  • Added Show Stock Items checkbox to Backpack
  • All cosmetic slots have now an unusual adjustment slider (Smissmas update)
  • New weapon quickswitch menu
  • New CTF Panel
  • Rotated player model a little bit in Class Selection
  • Removed "Select a class" title from Class Selection
  • Class selection has no button effect anymore. It's in the overrides.
  • Class selection should now work somehow with highlander mode too
  • Timers are now centered properly
  • Killstreak counter is now on the right side
  • New winpanels
  • New Wave Failed panel in MVM
  • New MVM Scoreboard
  • Fixed the health cross in MVM's revive panel
  • Vaccinator's resistance icon is now under the crosshair
  • Ubercharge Ready! -notification is now just a flashing line
  • Edited chat window a little bit
  • Respawn timer is on the top bar now
  • Control Point icons have borders now
  • New halloween boss health bar
  • Removed backgrounds from building health bars
  • Changed player model positions
  • Scoreboard now shows kills and deaths in this format: 123:45
  • Added Console, Default/Centered and Reload (hud_reloadscheme) buttons to the Main Menu
  • Added new health crosses: cross, circle and bar (silver colored)
  • Added Last Damage Done override
  • Added Menus for Mac override
  • Removed overrides "Default Menus", "Green Healing", "Ubercharge Rate under the Crosshair", "Scoreboard (English)", "Class Selection (Highlander)"
  • Other little changes I can't remember :D
  • ToonHUD Updater: Added more color changing options
  • ToonHUD Updater: Added option to select any installed font from your computer and change text sizes

ToonHUD 2.96 (12/02/2013)

  • New killstrike counter

ToonHUD 2.95 (11/25/2013)

  • Fixed Loadout screen (4:3/16:10 versions)
  • Fixed Refund button in MVM's upgrade panel AGAIN

ToonHUD 2.9 (11/24/2013)

  • Fixed scoreboards not showing pings with lower resolutions
  • On-wearer attributes are now smaller in Loadout
  • Removed some files that may have caused game to crash after finishing a map in Mann Up mode

ToonHUD 2.8 (11/23/2013)

  • Scoreboards shows pings now
  • Added Refund button to MVM's upgrade panel
  • Some positioning changes in MVM Lobby

ToonHUD 2.7 (11/22/2013)

  • Two Cities: Fixed MVM Scoreboard and Wave Complete Panel
  • Changed Ammo icon in Target ID

ToonHUD 2.6 (10/30/2013)

  • HUD shows new halloween spells

ToonHUD 2.5 (10/21/2013)

  • New updater for Windows
  • Health cross does not break with 1440x900 resolution
  • Fixed Class Selection fixes (16:10/4:3 TFF version)
  • Lowered the health value (TFF versions)
  • Default MOTD fix added

ToonHUD 2.4 (09/15/2013)

  • Added Unusual Adjustment Slider to loadout
  • 2 row names do not clip now in loadout
  • Some position changes in tournament spectator screen
  • Disposable sentry shows now building status in MVM
  • Changed font of KOTH countdown timer and it is now centered
  • Changed Minimal HUD warning
  • Added Default Menus fix (default menus except main menu)

ToonHUD 2.3 (08/30/2013)

  • Fixed Green Healing fix
  • Backpack now shows yellow border on unique items
  • Moved killer's weapon box back to the right side in deathcam
  • Moved stats higher in map loading screen
  • Added No Class Image fix

ToonHUD 2.2 (08/28/2013)

  • Added 3D player class image
  • New menus (backpack, stats, loadout, crafting, Mann Co. Catalog, MVM, quickplay, map loading screen)
  • Moved killer's weapon in deathcam to topleft corner
  • Increased amount of death notices from 4 to 8 in small killfeed fix
  • Fixed KOTH timers breaking with small resolutions (TFF)
  • ToonHUD text in Main Menu now reloads hud (hud_reloadscheme) when clicked
  • Some font size changes in 4:3/16:10 version (not TFF)

ToonHUD 2.1 (08/16/2013)

  • New item inspect panel
  • Few title problems fixed in MVM mode
  • Ammo in reserve and metal value will not break now with smaller resolutions (TFF)
  • Added Smaller Killfeed fix
  • Added Spy's Outline Image fix

ToonHUD 2 (08/15/2013)

  • New MOTD Screen
  • Customized Tournament mode
  • Some fixes in MVM mode
  • Added search to backpack
  • Fixed position of spectators in Scoreboard
  • Increased damage indicator
  • Removed "on the bright side" message
  • Removed replay and snapshot messages
  • Added smaller damage indicator fix
  • Added Green Healing fix
  • Added version with TF2 fonts (called ToonHUD TFF)

ToonHUD 1.9 (08/01/2013)

  • Added Arena Mode modifications
  • MVM's upgrade icons won't go over the player model in Class Selection
  • Fixed position of "players waiting to play" in 32-player scoreboards
  • Added "Ubercharge rate under the crosshair" fix

ToonHUD 1.8 (07/28/2013)

  • Fixed Spy's concice disguise menu
  • Fixed Spy's class image changing position when disguising (16:9 version)
  • Added player icon to Contol Point icons (4:3 version)
  • Overheal is visible in the target info again

ToonHUD 1.7 (07/27/2013)

  • 4:3 and 16:10 support (separate download)
  • Added icons for Buff Banner, Concheror and Battalion's Backup effects
  • Reduced Payload and Payload Race progressbar
  • Fixed the health cross

ToonHUD 1.6 (07/23/2013)

  • Centered briefcases in CTF Panel
  • Fixed MVM Scoreboard (it broke a little bit after 32-player scoreboard)
  • Added MvM Scoreboard to Scoreboard Only versions
  • Added Team and Class Menu Only version
  • Added Health Cross fix (adds health cross next to the class image)

ToonHUD 1.5 (07/22/2013)

  • Fixed Bazaar Bargain's head counter
  • Team Menu works with all resolutions
  • Damage indicator uses only small font
  • Lowered position of target info box
  • Fixed text position in killer box
  • Added Scoreboard Only versions
  • Auto updater available for Windows

ToonHUD 1.4 (07/17/2013)

  • Added 4 new icons to the Main Menu (Thanks to Scruffy!)
  • Replaced streched skull icon from health bar with a solid color
  • Added Vaccinator's resist icon to top left corner of the screen. (Can't really change its position, because it is hard coded)
  • "Ubercharge Ready!" text is fully displayed with smaller resolutions
  • New team selection screen
  • Highlander version of Class Menu (just smaller font for player numbers)

ToonHUD 1.3 (07/09/2013)

  • Font size of health and ammo values changes with resolution
  • Main menu works little better with lower resolutions
  • Voice chat now shows dead icon
  • Changed Vaccinator's ubercharge animation
  • Lowered position of Win Panel
  • CTF Panel now shows if the Intelligence is dropped or at the base
  • Overheal is now easier to see in target info
  • Fixed Sudden Death panel under the timer
  • Scoreboard's Kills and Deaths labels works now with other languages than english (Though it shows colon after the text. If that bothers, there's an additional english-only scoreboard)
  • Added a hitmarker remover

ToonHUD 1.2 (07/06/2013)

  • Added notification when using minimal hud
  • Moved target info lower to the screen when spectating
  • Added alternative version for the class selection screen, where class icons don't have that button effect
  • Added random class button to class selection screen
  • Edited freezepanel's killer info box
  • Made respawn timer smaller (does not go under the scoreboard)
  • Edited CTF panel
  • Added avatars to voice chat
  • Added server timer to scoreboard
  • Shrunk the killfeed a little bit

ToonHUD 1.1 (07/03/2013)

  • Added 32-player scoreboard
  • Ubercharge meter now shows percents when ubercharge is full or activated
  • Increased areas where health and ammo values are. Helped to remove values like "2..." for some resolutions
  • Removed version numbers from Main Menu Only -versions.

ToonHUD 1 (07/02/2013)

  • First version out!